Been slacking.

To been slacking on these but here’s an update from my phone at 3:13 am so I don’t need to worry about not posting anything.

Games have been progressing well. I am definitely improving. MMR and rank are moving around a lot but that’s just part of the process I think. As I focus on improving my gameplay in one area my focus on the others fades for a while. Anyway we’re still hovering Gold. I’m working on getting platinum and feel that all I need is a nice win streak to bump myself out of my current place on the ladder.

There have been some FUN games. That’s not me saying fun like I normally do sarcasticly while I complain my AD Carry isn’t doing any damage. I honestly have played around 500 ranked matches so far and around 10 of them have been awesome. Everyone understands how to play. Everyone is thinking together. Teams are evenly matched. Win or lose I love these games. That’s why I want to get higher ranking. I want MORE of the evenly matched games that I can comfortably focus on my play instead of trying to organize 4 idiots. It’s awesome. My stream viewers know these games when they happen too.

Korea has been cooling down a bit and my accomodations are a lot cooler now too. I’m excited to wear hoodies. I just like being comfy and although my T1 tanks ain’t bad nothing beats a hoodie and sweatpants in my book. I’ve started a daily routine of getting a snack or coffee at a convenience store just down the street because it forces me to get outside. Not that I wasn’t leaving my place much but at least I am in the habit of a little bit of movement.

Runescape was taking up a lot of my focus too and I started to notice myself straying from my objectives. I’m now signed out when in game so I don’t get distracted. No need to lose games because I’m checking my fishing in runescape.

Trying to get some tickets booked for watching World’s in October but they are still unavailable. I’ve got the pages bookmarked and check them regularly to make sure I don’t miss out.

2 more things. I’m going to make patch rundown videos starting 8.18 and do some VoD reviews of pro games. Just as some fun and extra content plus casting might be of interest to me in the future so practicing now although it might be seen as a late start is better than never.

Thanks for your time. Stay tuned 🙂