Gaming in Thailand as a Foreigner

Hey gamers! It’s world famous video gamer downthecrop! Back from my Thailand adventure and sharing the wisdom my globe trotting has afforded me!

General Internet Speed

This is going to depend mostly on your accommodation. I had 30/10 internet through Coax in my building which I’d estimate finished construction in the mid 2000’s. You can find fiber internet in Bangkok but I’d assume most places are still Coax or DSL instead of fiber. Most internet is routed through Chang Mai anyway from the traceroutes I did while I was there.

Gaming VPN’s

While there is a Thai server for League of Legends on Garena a problem you will experience in Thailand is that there just isn’t a large enough population to support some games. League of Legends for example I was getting queue times exceeding 15 minutes at peak times (Noon to 11:00PM) in ranked which is extremely long compared to NA/EU/KR. To remedy this you are going to need to select the closest server with an active playerbase for your favorite games! I played mostly on Vietnam for League of Legends. Although you can simply change the region of the Garena Launcher and download any game you want there is IP based region lock for some games. League of Legends falls into these IP locked games. Because of this we are going to need to use a VPN.

Generally VPN’s aren’t very good for gaming. Due to oversold traffic and a lack of fast localized routers to handle your traffic you are going to be experiencing higher latency playing through a VPN than without one. There are a few VPN providers that SEA use to get their game on!

  • Mudfish
  • VietPN
  • PingBooster

Note: Exitlag and WTFast have very few servers in SEA so I wouldn’t recommended them as a first choice for this use case but they will work.

For me I used VietPN and it cost me $5 a month which was a great price. Fast servers to Vietnam which is region locked for League of Legends. I would have preferred to play to China (Ionia probably the worst choice for server because it’s so far away but there are many regions in China which are closer and would still have more players than TH or SG server which were the two best choices for ping.

Anyway I’m not spell checking this I just wanted to document for anyone else that is thinking of gaming in Thailand!

Lytical: OP.GG for Garena and China (SEA) – League of Legends Statistics and Profile Search

Lytical is an open source League of Legends statistics and profile analytics tool for all regions including Garena & WeGame

Summoner Search and Profile Pages

Lytical offers OP.GG style summoner profiles which can be searched for anyone on your server. Our app offers ranked statistics and champion specific performance data for all players for Garena and WeGame. Lytical is an OP.GG alternative for all Garena regions and all Chinese regions and is an all in one replacement for websites like U.GG, Blitz.GG and Porofessor of course OP.GG.

Think of Lytical as OP.GG for Garena.

Match History & Lobby Multisearch

Lytical provides fast OP.GG style match history for any player. Kills, CS per Minute, Vision Score, and Objectives. Analyze your contribution to your own games or search high ranked players to increase your impact and win more games!

Multisearch will automatically scout your teammates in champion select and your opponents when in game. Profile lookup tools are common on NA/EU/KR servers to help avoid poor quality games. Lytical is the tool for the job to quickly understand your teammates and opponents strengths and weaknesses.

Works on All Regions

Lytical utilizes builtin API’s inside of the League of Legends client. This allows our application to function on all regions, including all Garena and WeGame regions.

Supported Servers/Regions

  • Garena
  • The Philippines (PH)
  • Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau (TW/HK)
  • Vietnam (VN)
  • Thailand (TH)
  • Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia (SG/MY/ID)
  • QQ/WeGame/Tencent (CN)
  • Riot Operated (NA/EU/OCE/RU/TR/BR/LAN/KR/JP)

Open Source and Ad Free

The Lytical app is forever free and open source. It was created as an All-In-One replacement for regions that don’t have access to statistics sites like OP.GG or

Built Using Vue.JS + Electron Lytical is fast and memory efficient. Any PC can run Lytical in the background with no performance impact in game for League of Legends.

This application is released under the Open Source GPLv2 license. You are welcome to contribute to this project in any way you can.

Nano for Windows (CMD and PowerShell)

Nano is my preferred editor for quick config changes. It’s simple to install or even comes standard on many unix systems but what about Windows?

Install Chocolatey (Run as Administrator in PowerShell)

Set-ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Scope Process -Force; iex ((New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadString(''))

Install Nano (Run as Administrator)

choco install nano

Now you can run nano to open the editor.

Is ExitLag Worth it? (Exitlag Review) WTFast, NoPing, Haste Explained

Check out my video review explaining ExitLag here on YouTube

Hey gamers! Do you want to lower your ping in Fortnite, Valorant, Call of Duty Warzone, Apex Legends, or League of Legends? Well This is just the article for you. I personally use ExitLag to lower my ping in League of Legends from 82ms to 60ms.

When you look to connect to a website or service your computer makes a request to server. This is also true of games. When connecting to a match your computer establishes a connection with a server through its IP address. Normally having that connection take an inefficient route towards its final destination is not a problem. An additional 200ms of latency for packets coming from YouTube or Netflix can easily be solved by those applications managing a buffer of data. However real time applications like games must send many packets a second along this route and that latency can really make a difference. By utilizing built in scanning tools these programs work out a way to forward your gaming traffic along the internet in a predictable and optimized way. This results in lower ping or latency as well as lower jitter and packet loss.

I mainly use this program while I am at the lake as my home in the city doesn’t have routing issues. Programs like ExitLag and WTFast work by providing optimized routing for your gaming traffic. This is achieved by essentially running a VPN connection to their own server infrastructure to forward your packets efficiently.

All of these programs offer a free trail as they will not be useful for everyone. People living in highly populated cities with close servers are going to see the least amount of benefit from using a gaming VPN service. Check out my video explaining this topic more in depth if you’re looking for additional information!