2018 KR Update 1

So I've been here for just over a week now. It's Friday the 20th. Here some information on my league climb so far.

Placed Silver 2
Failed Silver 1 promo one time
Silver 1 to Gold 5 first try
Gold 5 to Gold 4 first try
Gold 4 to Gold 3 second try
Demoted to Gold 4. Been here 3 days.
Been jumping between Gold 3 and 4 for a week. Made it to Gold 2 for one day but went on a ride.a

I currently sit with around 200 games with just over a a 50% winrate. I've traded down from mid to ad as my primary role. My Annie winrate is lower but with a higher KDA which to me means I'm just not familiar enough with the role to carry with a lead. Anyway I'm defaulting to Lucian and Cait on the bot lane. I've had great success against most mages going bottom. My largest shortcomings is CS past 100. By this is mean after I hit 100 CS around 12 minutes I seem to just stop last hitting at the same rate I was before. I'll stick around 180 to 225 even at the 30 minute mark which is definitely a problem. Playing patient with passive or unskilled autofilled supports is another thing I struggle with. I think I just need to get into the rythem.

My goal is still D5. I'll raise this if it looks pretty sure to be achieved. Set you sights high. I'm Gold 5 on my main in NA right now been in plat promos 3 times but went on a little whoopsie spree down the slide.

I don't yet feel I'm playing with people who are as skilled as me. Might be my perception alone but most losses are much more influenced by my teams than me. Namely people that just end up getting killed over and over or are unable to farm.

Anyway I'm still working on improving. Winning isn't everything but it would be nice to get Plat already.