Why I quit my job

Yo. So last blog post detailed some goals for my trip and stated I quit my job. What's my plan? Why'd I quit my job? Have I gone fully insane? You're going to get bottle on B?! Anyway here some details.

Why I quit my job:

Ok. I repaired laptops and did remote and on site system administrator work at a local repair shop. We mainly focused on phone screens and battery replacements but I did PC and Mac repair. The job was alright. The guys I worked with were all enjoyable to be around. The work I did wasn't exceptionally monotonous or stressful. Having been my first job right out of school it was basically all I could ask for. I was paid a decent salary considering my experience and was respected for my skills.

I'm a good worker. I show up on time, I'm respectful to authority, pleasant with customers, and I know my way around technology. I'm a gritty person and could force myself to stick to a job like this but it was just... boring. I don't have a big need for money right now. I want to be fulfilled with work. Financially I'm well off for a 22 year old. My parents paid for my education and I don't have a car payment or debt of any kind. That kindness and ass busting on the side of my parents give close to $100,000 dollar head start on most students. I've had 3 years of some pretty great summer jobs which essentially went straight into a savings account because of this. I transparently would like to say I understand my privileged position here. A lot of people likely wouldn’t be openly accepted back in a parents house after graduating high school. Some are kicked out before they even make it that far. I rolled pretty high in the socioeconomic lottery of life which I can eternally feel remorse and guilt for or just accept I was not only born a genius hunk but also fairly wealthy... Anyway.. If you can swallow your pride and leverage some hospitality from family or friends to get yourself ahead I would highly recommend it. Again, I have no debts to pay, I lived in my parents basement rent free, I don't have a kid, I don't buy expensive shit. Money adds up fast if you're spending but also adds up fast if you're saving.

My boss attempted to make some win-win arrangements for me to work a few hours a week remotely but I respectfully declined. Door still seems to be open if I reach out. Being professional in dealing with higher-ups in businesses can't be understated. 48 laws of power baby.

Anyway I'm an artist at heart. I want to be my own boss. I'm working to build an income with content creation. If it doesn't work at least I tried.

Removed some dark shit from the end of this but I'll do a post on that some day too. Not the best to lead in with.